Cinder is a male Australian Labradoodle and was born September 23, 2014, in Holliday, Florida. He was donated to us by Shivering Rock Australian Labradoodles. The “Aussie Doodles”, as they are sometimes called, are known for soft coats, high intelligence and hypoallergenic qualities. Cinder does not have fur. He has hair like you and me so he does not shed and does not have dander, and this makes him able to interact with most people who are normally allergic to dogs.

Cinder is not a mascot; he is a working dog. He is training every day to learn how to stop-drop-and-roll, feel a door before you open it and crawl low under smoke. He's also learning basic manners for where he lives and in public. Once he has mastered his training, Cinder will assist our firefighters with teaching children those same fire safety skills.

When Cinder is older, we hope to enroll him in the Therapy Dog Program. This will teach him how to interact with people who have varying disabilities and normally would not be able to interact with a dog.

Most of Cinder’s care and upkeep has been provided by the kind donations of businesses, civic groups and citizens like you. Please contact us if you would like to participate in Cinder’s care.

Here are some of the people and businesses that have donated:

Shivering Rock Australian Labradoodles
Holly Springs Veterinary Hospital
K9 Solutions

You may visit Cinder at our headquarters station at 700 Flint Point Lane in Holly Springs. To make sure that Cinder will be there, give us a call before you come (919) 567-4733.