Stormwater Survey

outreachEvery few years, the Town surveys residents to gauge citizen awareness about stormwater and environmental issues. We use the information to assist us in planning for outreach and education and to improve our services.

Holly Springs staff engages in multiple public education and outreach campaigns. They range from participating in festivals and events to individual outreach to private citizens. Several of the requirements set forth by the Town's stormwater permit involve citizen input and feedback, direct public engagement, and involvement. We want to understand our residents' level of awareness about environmental issues so we can best use our funds protecting water quality. In addition, the survey counts as a measurable goal for the stormwater permit's public involvement requirement.

The Engineering Department’s Environmental and Stormwater Management Services appreciates participation in the previous citizen surveys, administered in 2010 and 2014.

Click here for the 2010 survey results and report.