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Project Key

Code Description
Comprehensive Plan Amendment: A request to modify the town’s Comprehensive Plan, the document that guides future land use, transportation, community character and more in Holly Springs. An amendment is required if a proposed zoning map change is not consistent with the Comprehensive Plan. Click here for Vision of Holly Springs Comprehensive Plan.
DP Development Plan: A request for approval of a nonresidential or multifamily residential subdivision site plan, architectural elevations or master sign plan. 
Development Options Plan: A request for approval of a residential subdivision preliminary plan that allows for smaller lot sizes in exchange for additional open space, sidewalks, architectural requirements and more. Click here to learn more about development options.
Major Subdivision/Master Plan: A request for approval of a residential or nonresidential subdivision. The plan includes the subdivision lot layout, street network and other public improvements.
PUD Planned Unit Development: A request for this zoning is for unique projects, such as those that include both commercial and residential. General location of land uses, road networks, utilities and other public improvements are included in the proposal.
REZ Rezoning: A request to change the zoning of a specific piece of property. Decisions on rezoning requests determine only the land uses and densities allowed in the proposed zoning districts.
SEU Special Exception Use: A request to allow a specific use in an established zoning district, such as a drive-through restaurant in a local business zoning district or a school in an area zoned for residential use. At the public hearing, the applicant must prove that the proposed use either meets established criteria or that the criteria do not apply to the proposed use.

Project Status

Proposed Application is received by the Town, is in review, and may be approved or denied.
Approved Application is approved by Town and is pending construction drawing approval / building permits.
In Design For Town road or infrastructure projects, this designation means the project is being designed (in the conceptual, preliminary or final design phase), undergoing right-of-way acquisition or permitting, or being advertised for bid.
Under Construction Under construction.

For additional information please contact:
Department of Planning & Zoning
(919) 557-3908