Womble Park Synthetic Turf Multi-Purpose Field


A lighted, synthetic turf field totaling 210,000 square feet accommodates Town Parks and Recreation programs such as soccer, rentals, tournaments, and also open play.

  • Rules - Includes the list of items prohibited to protect the synthetic turf
  • Rates - Rental charges for a portion of the field or for the entire field
  • Click here to see aerial views of the field.

Free Play Opportunities

Provisions are made for free, open play in addition to Town recreation programs and rentals. Organized groups are required to rent space. Rentals take precedence over free, open play.

Free Play Times

About the synthetic turf

With proper care, synthetic grass will maintain its appearance and performance with greater durability than the natural variety.

Beneath the imitation grass fibers, layers of recycled rubber granules, sand, and crushed granite drain water to underground pipes. The system will allow field usage within an hour after the heaviest storms.