Parks, Recreation and Greenways Master Plan Update

The Town has contracted with consulting firm McAdams to update the Town’s Parks, Recreation and Greenways Master Plan. 

The planning process undertaken shall develop a comprehensive vision for the Town of Holly Springs Parks and Recreation Department as a whole; individual parks, open spaces, greenways and trails, recreation facilities, amenities and programs.  Expect numerous opportunities for public input as Town Staff and consultants work with residents and stakeholders to develop a plan that truly represents the wants and needs of current and future Town of Holly Springs residents. 

The updated Parks, Recreation, and Greenways Master Plan will replace Section 3 of the Vision Holly Springs: Town of Holly Springs Comprehensive Plan and will require the recommendation of the Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee and the approval of the Town Council.

Click here to visit our Master Plan Update webpage to learn more and track our progress.

Beyond the Green Master Plan

Beyond the Green is the master plan for the park system's future drafted in 2007. The plan was developed to help the department provide all residents with diverse opportunities to achieve quality leisure experiences. The plan covers a variety of topics from parks and open spaces to programs and activities. Click here to view the Beyond the Green master plan.

Cass Holt Rd Park 

The Town is hiring a consultant to complete a Site Master Plan and Phase 1 development plan for the Town-owned property located at 5508 Cass Holt Rd.  Updates will be shared here or on a specific project page.  

: Planning and Design
Anticipated Phase 1 Completion: 2022
Project Manager:  Matt Beard 



Greenways and sidewalks are a great way to get around Town, and Holly Springs is continuing to construct and connect its trail system. Click here to view the greenway development map, which shows plans for the future.
Click here for information on existing greenways.

Arbor Creek - Middle Creek Greenway

The Arbor Creek-Middle Creek Greenway will follow the path of Middle Creek between the Arbor Creek and Woodcreek neighborhoods connecting from Sunset Lake Rd to Holly Springs Rd.  The Greenway will provide a regional connection via the Town of Apex's Middle Creek Greenway.

Status: Planning and Design
Anticipated Completion: Summer 2022
Project Manager:  Matt Beard 
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Click here to view slides from July 23 Virtual Public Meeting

Arbor Creek Middle Creek Greenway

 Pecan Grove Greenway

The Pecan Grove greenway will connect the Pecan Grove apartments off the NC 55 Bypass with the greenway that connects Womble Park with Bass Lake Park.

Status: Under Construction
Anticipated Completion: Spring 2021
Project Manager:  Matt Beard

 Pecan Grove

Utley Creek Greenway Phase 1 (NC 55 Crossing)

Phase 1 of the Utley Creek Greenway will connect Trotter's Bluffs and Morgan Park subdivisions to the Ballenridge subdivision by passing under NC 55 (GB Alford Hwy). 

Status: Planning and Design
Anticipated Completion: Summer 2021
Project Manager:  Dirk Siebenbrodt 

 Utley Creek Phase 1

 Utley Creek Greenway Phase 2 (connect to Holly Glen)

Phase 2 of the Utley Creek Greenway will connect Phase 1 of the Utley Creek Greenway to the Holly Glen neighborhood.

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Status: Planning and Design
Anticipated Completion: Fall 2022
Project Manager: Matt Beard

 Utley Creek Phase 2


 Previous Site Master Plans  

 Sugg Farm Master Plan

Acquired by the Town of Holly Springs in 2012, the former farm property includes storage facilities, several buildings, a stable, a mix of wooded and open fields, and scenic views of Bass Lake. Click here to view the master plan for the park.

Click here for more information about Sugg Farm.
Sugg Farm

 Mims Property

In 2011, the Town of Holly Springs acquired a 17-acre property, once part of the 180-acre Mims Estate. In 2012, the Town completed work with consultants to create a master plan for the Mims property. Plans include a mix of open space and greenways, as passive and active park space. 

This project currently remains unfunded. Links to the master plan, public input results and the planning process information can be found below. 
  • The master plan for this property can be found here.
  • A number of public meetings were held and public input results can be found here.
  • To read a detailed description of the planning process, click here.
 Mims property