What is ReadyWake?

ReadyWake is an emergency resource website maintained by Wake County where you can register for the county's reverse 911 system and find information about preparing an emergency kit and plan. Important contact information also is provided on the website.

What is reverse 911?

Reverse 911 is a system designed to call you in an emergency. An automated system will contact you with information regarding the nature of the emergency and what action (if any) you should take.

Am I already on the list?

There is no way to verify if you are on the list. It’s possible your telephone number was included on one of several telephone lists purchased by Wake County; however, we strongly encourage you to sign up. The lists purchased by the county do not include cellular phone numbers, and Wake County plans to phase out purchasing phone lists.

By signing up, you have the ability to update your information if you move or change telephone numbers.

How do I sign up?

To sign up, visit www.readywake.com.

Will I receive a lot of calls?

You will only receive the kind of calls you want. The Wake County system allows for three kinds of alerts: emergency alerts, community alerts and public service announcements. The Town of Holly Springs will only utilize emergency alerts and community alerts to communicate with its residents.

What if I am unable to answer the phone?

If you are unable to answer the phone when an alert is sent, the automated phone system will leave a message.

How do people without access to a computer register?

Visit the Holly Springs Town Hall lobby where a computer is available to use to register for this service.