Planning In Progress

The Department of Planning & Zoning is responsible for working on projects that will shape the future of our town. Planning is progress toward our community’s shared vision for the future of Holly Springs, and this page highlights several projects that are underway. 

Vision Holly Springs Comprehensive Plan Implementation

The Comprehensive Plan provides policy guidance for future growth and development decisions, as well as infrastructure investments.  It also shapes community character, including such as street tree plantings and gateway signage. 



Seagraves Historic Preservation
As Holly Springs continues to grow, it is important to preserve its past for future generations. The Town Council held a workshop on April 3, 2018 to review the Town’s current ordinances and policies and to discuss future historic preservation initiatives. Planning & Zoning staff are researching effective methods to incentivize the preservation of historic properties and are working with Capital Area Preservation to identify and preserve historic properties prior to development or redevelopment. 

Unified Development Ordinance Amendments

Zoning regulations for all development and subdivisions

Proposed Amendments

  Semi-Annual Amendments
Planning & Zoning staff regularly propose amendments to the UDO to increase the document's clarity, enhance development standards, and respond to changes in State laws that impact Town development regulations.

Draft ordinances will be posted here:
There are currently no proposed ordinances
Contact: Sean Ryan, Planner II, (919) 557-2903 




Development Procedures Manual Amendments

Development review procedures and processes, applications, review schedules and more

2.0 Zone Map Amendment Procedures, and
3.0 Subdivision Procedures, and
4.0 Development Plan Procedures

  Planning and Engineering are working together in evaluating and modifying the Town’s development review procedures to specify when a Traffic Impact Analysis shall be completed prior to review by the Town’s Planning Board.
Current Development Procedures Manual

Contact: Gina Clapp, Planning & Zoning Director, (919) 557-3928

3.04 Subdivision Amendments, and
4.05 Development Plan Amendments

    Planning and Engineering are working together in streamlining the process for projects that require minor plan amendments once a development is under construction drawing review by the Department of Engineering. 
Current Development Procedures Manual

Contact: Gina Clapp, Planning & Zoning Director, (919) 557-3928

Additional Planning Projects


ZIP Code Reassignment

  Planning & Zoning is working with the US Postal Service to study a realignment of the ZIP codes in and around the northwest area of Holly Springs to match our Town Limits and future growth areas. Much of the northwest area of Holly Springs has a ZIP code that differs from Holly Springs, NC 27540. 
Contact: Beth Trautz, Planning & Zoning Services Administrator, (919) 557-3929
Census 2020

2020 US Census Local Update of Census Addresses (LUCA) Program 

  Planning & Zoning works with the US Census Bureau to provide an accurate address database for the Holly Springs Planning Jurisdiction. The Census Bureau requires strict confidentially of all census-related information, including individual addresses. Staff participating in updating the address database have special protocols, sign confidentiality and security guidelines, and ensure the safety of this data. This protected address database is for the US Census only and cannot be shared with any other government agency, any company or the public. Click here for more information about Census 2020.
Contact: Beth Trautz, Planning & Zoning Services Administrator, (919) 557-3929