Historical Marker Program

Historical Marker Program

The Town of Holly Springs has designated a number of properties in Holly Springs as being historically significant to our community.

The initial historical markers were placed at the century-old Masonic Lodge on Raleigh Street; and on Center Street where the Mims Drugstore used to stand to mark not only the store, but the Leslie-Alford-Mims home of the town’s founder.

Examples of other markers include those commemorating:
  • The former grist mill at what is now Bass Lake Park
  • Holly Springs School, where Holly Springs Cultural Center stands now
  • The Norris-Holland-Hare House on Avent Ferry Road
  • The former Holly Springs Elementary School on the site of Hunt Recreation Center

Historical Marker Criteria

Future historical markers will be placed as appropriate according to a set of criteria adopted October 18, 2011 by resolution of the Holly Springs Town Council.

Criteria for Designation of Historical Significance

Holly Springs Historical Marker Program
Adopted by Resolution of the Holly Springs Town Council
Resolution 11-36 (October 18, 2011)
  1. The nomination is clear and organized and includes thorough documentation (with selected photocopies and bibliographies from primary and secondary sources) and verification of the facts claimed.
  2. The person, place, or event to be marked had a significant impact on its times.
  3. The person, place, or event to be marked is of local historical significance.
  4. The place, or event to be marked is historic and dated to at least 10 years prior to the nomination. It is not contemporary.
  5. The person to be memorialized in a marker has been deceased for at least 10 years.
  6. People, places, and events already marked with existing monuments or markers receive less favorable consideration for a Town of Holly Springs historical marker.
  7. People, places, and events nominated, reviewed, and disapproved by the Department of Public Affairs three times in succession are not eligible for consideration for a period of three years.
  8. Mayors of Holly Springs are approved as the subject of a historical marker upon nomination (subject to Criteria No. 5).
  9. Historic sites or properties owned by the Town of Holly Springs are approved as the subject of a historical marker upon nomination.
  10. Places listed on the National Register of Historic Places and/or recognized as local, county, state or national landmarks will receive consideration. Such places will not be summarily approved, but will receive equal consideration.
  11. Cemeteries and burial places are generally not approved unless the nomination demonstrates that the cemetery meets criterion 2, 3, or 10.