FAQs - Holly Springs Road Widening - East

(Flint Point Lane to Sunset Lake Road)

About the Project

The Town of Holly Springs is improving Holly Springs Road to a consistent four-lane, median-divided road with sidewalk, curb and gutter, and pedestrian crossings from Flint Point Lane to Sunset Lake Road.

The purposes of the project are to:

  • increase road capacity ahead of the increase in traffic expected from the new 540 interchange
  • replace the Middle Creek crossing with a new, four-lane bridge to alleviate historic flooding during heavy rainfall
  • provide safe bike & pedestrian routes near Holly Springs schools

The Holly Springs Road Widening project is among the transportation bond projects Holly Springs voters approved in November of 2018. In addition, more than $4 million dollars in federal funds have been secured to assist with project costs.

Other widening projects for Holly Springs Road include:

What is the construction timeline?

Holly Springs Road is planned to remain open throughout project construction, which is anticipated to last about three years and involves relocation of several utility lines. Much of the work will involve widening adjacent to the road, allowing drivers to shift to newly expanded areas of the roadway before work begins on lanes currently used for travel.

The four main stages of road construction include:

  • Construction of the Middle Creek Bridge (April through 2023)
  • Widening the north side of Holly Springs Road (Winter 2022 through 2023)
  • Widening the south side of Holly Springs Road (Winter 2023 through 2024)
  • Roundabout construction and finalizing road construction (Late 2024 through mid-2025)

April 2022 through 2023: Middle Creek bridge construction

Construction activity is expected to begin in April with work focused on the Middle Creek bridge area. Much of the construction will occur adjacent to the existing crossing, so lane closures and impacts on traffic will be minimized. Once complete, traffic will be shifted onto the new bridge while work progresses in the area where the current crossing exists.

Middle Creek Bridge

What are construction work hours?

Construction will progress with an emphasis on minimizing lane closures and impacts to traffic, especially during peak hours.

Work hours are:

  • 7 a.m.-6 p.m., Monday to Friday
  • 8 a.m.-6 p.m. Saturdays (unless permission given by Town)

No lane closures:

  • Monday-Friday, 7-9 a.m. and 2-7 p.m. (school days, unless permission given)
  • Monday-Friday 7-9 a.m. and 4-7 p.m. (when schools are not in session)

Periodically, occasional detours for Sunset Fairways Drive and Lassiter Road

How Can I Stay Informed?

Project construction updates will be posted on the interactive map at the link on our website (coming soon).

As construction activities shift to different areas of the roadway, the town will be in contact with residents along the roadway, schools, homeowners associations and businesses. Feel free to reach out to the town directly with questions or concerns at (919) 577-3150 or utilities-infrastructure@hollyspringsnc.gov.

Access to Holly Ridge Elementary and Middle Schools

Construction activity near the Holly Ridge schools is expected to begin in late 2022 as work begins on the north side of Holly Springs Road. Work on the south side of the road is expected to begin in late 2023. Roundabout and median construction is planned for late 2024 through mid-2025.

A roundabout will be constructed at the Holly Ridge Elementary entrance across from Cobblepoint Way to improve safe access to the both schools and allow for increased traffic flow. The roundabout is designed to accommodate school buses, emergency vehicles such as fire trucks, and tractor trailers.

Once the roundabout and medians are completed, drivers traveling west along Holly Springs Road will access the schools by using the roundabout and turning right into the schools. Drivers leaving the schools will turn right. Those leaving Holly Ridge Middle and wishing to travel toward downtown Holly Springs will turn right and use the turn lane at Middlecrest Way or at Linksland Drive to make a U turn. Because Holly Springs Road is a state road, the NC Department of Transportation ultimately determines the traffic patterns.

The intended speed for the roundabout is less than 20 miles per hour. Outer areas will be constructed first so traffic can be shifted to allow for construction of the center of the roundabout. Potential lane closures are anticipated during off-peak travel times.

The Holly Springs Road Widening project team, Wake County Public School System staff, and local resource officers are optimizing internal queuing patterns on school property during carpool times. The goal is to reduce the potential for queues to extend into the travel lanes on Holly Springs Road.

Standard school zone signs and pavement markings are planned, and pedestrian crossing signs and lighted, flashing beacons are planned.

For questions about your specific school’s carpool patterns, please contact your school office.


About Sidewalks and Bike Lanes

The Town of Holly Springs is maximizing pedestrian and bike safety along this busy roadway. Along much of the project length, the Town installing 8-foot-wide sidewalks – feet wider than what typically is built – on both sides of Holly Springs Road. The sidewalks will help keep the pedestrians and bicyclists who use them safe.

Outside travel lanes on Holly Springs Road will be widened to 14 feet to allow for shared vehicle and bicycle use. The outside lanes will be marked using “sharrow” shared lane pavement markings.

Between Lumina Place and Sunset Fairways Drive, a single 8-foot wide concrete sidewalk will be built on the south side of the road to reduce impacts to the sensitive stream and wetland resources of Middle Creek. A crosswalk across Holly Springs Road will be provided at Sunset Fairways, where a future greenway along Middle Creek also is proposed to cross Holly Springs Road.

Typical section

About Intersections and Medians

Because Holly Springs Road is a state road, the NC Department of Transportation decides locations of median breaks. Installing medians and allowing movements across multiple lanes of traffic only at key locations reduces points of conflicts at un-signalized intersections and improves vehicle flow along the roadway.

Sunset Fairways Intersection

A break in the median at Sunset Fairways Drive will allow drivers full movement at the intersection with two-way stop control for Sunset Fairways drivers. A traffic signal was evaluated and found to not be warranted by NCDOT standards at this time. However, the intersection will continue to be monitored, and a signal can be installed in the future if conditions at the intersection later meet the state’s requirements.

Cobblepoint Information

The roundabout at the Cobblepoint Way intersection will allow drivers to enter the neighborhood from both directions on Holly Springs Road. Residents exiting the neighborhood will be able to use the roundabout to travel in either direction Holly Springs Road, as well.

Linksland Drive and Devils Ridge Information

Linksland Drive will remain as a signalized full movement intersection. Although the widening project will impact the edges of the Devils Ridge Golf Club property, the course itself is not anticipated to be affected.


More FAQs

Do you have a question or concern? Please reach out to the town at (919) 577-3150 or utilities-infrastructure@hollyspringsnc.gov. This webpage will be updated throughout the project.