Professional Photographer Permit

Effective March 1, 2022

Commercial photography/videography in Town of Holly Springs parks and greenways requires an annual permit. 

The public is welcome to take photographs and videos in our parks. This permit only applies for commercial (client based) work.

Obtaining a Permit

Annual permits are $100 and are valid for one year from date of purchase. Permits may be obtained on-line or in person at Bass Lake Park or the Hunt Recreation Center. 

Obtain a Permit Online

Through the online registration process, you must agree to abide by the photography permit rules listed below. Once you register, please print your receipt and keep it with you when you visit the park(s). Physical ID permit tags must be picked up from the Hunt Recreation Center or Bass Lake Park within 30 days of purchasing the online permit. Click here to purchase the permit online. Please note, an online permit could take up to 72 hours to process if you do not already have a Holly Springs Parks & Recreation account.  

Obtain a Permit in Person

Permits may also be purchased in person at the Hunt Recreation Center or Bass Lake Park. 

Professional Photographer Requirements

While you will not need to check in with staff, permit tags should be displayed on or near the permitted photographer at all times during the photoshoot in Holly Springs' parks and on greenways. Failure to furnish a receipt or permit will result in being asked to end the photo shoot until a permit is obtained.

Professional photographer and videographer permit holders must abide by the following requirements:

1. Photographer/videographer and clients will only use the park during regular park hours.

2. Users must stay out of all restricted areas in parks and greenways. Vehicles must remain in parking lots and on roadways and out of unauthorized areas.

3. Only hand-held or bodily portable (i.e. tripod, blanket, stool, small chair, etc.) props and lighting are permitted. No large props may be used without prior written approval from the Parks and Recreation Director or designee.

4. All photographers/videographers are responsible for litter pick-up and removal of any debris resulting from property use. Damaging and debris generating devices (smoke bombs, candles, sparklers, confetti, glitter, etc.) are strictly prohibited.

5. Photographer/videographer and clients will conduct themselves in a professional manner.

• Lewd or lascivious behavior including language or photographs is prohibited.

• Park staff has the authority to expel photographers and/or their clients from the park if the actions of the photographers and/or clients are deemed improper by park staff.

6. Photographer/videographer and clients will not impede normal park operations and programming.

• The party is not permitted to disrupt park visitors or staff.

• No associated equipment for a photo shoot is permitted in any indoor buildings or allowed to block visitor entrances and pathways.

7. Photographer/videographer and clients will not disturb any natural or man-made park features, including vegetation and wildlife.

8. Photographer/videographer is responsible for familiarizing themselves and informing all of their clients of all park rules and regulations and then to adhere to them when at the park.

9. Photographer/videographer will be held accountable for damages to property and is responsible for the actions of those associated with the photo shoot.

10. A photography permit is not required for photographs/videos taken during a paid facility rental such as a wedding.

11. Failure to abide by the parks rules and requirements may result in forfeiture of annual permit.