The Yield 2.0

Map showing location of Yield 2.0 in relation to Raleigh, located southwest

Black page with Yield 2.0 title, front page of brochure

About the site

The YIELD 2.0 is the second phase of Crescent Communities' vast 200-acre master development. It offers a fully customizable opportunity with 10 buildings dedicated to life science lab and biomanufacturing.

"Be in the center of forward innovation with The Yield 2.0, a life science, retail, and office campus totaling close to 1 million square feet. The second phase is a unique opportunity in the core life science market of Holly Springs, NC that’s perfectly positioned to capture the Triangle Region’s best talent. With proximity to 3-tier one research universities—Duke University, UNC Chapel Hill and NC State—this area is a leading brain hub with a highly skilled workforce."

Site Information: View from above shows the greenfield site is tree lined and across from neighborhoods

Location: Holly Springs, N.C.

Zoning: Planned Unit Development (PUD)

Size: See brochure (right) for more details


Gas: Dominion Energy

Telecom: Multiple providers, fiber available

Electricity: Duke Energy

Water, Sewer & Reclaimed: Town of Holly Springs