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Many home improvement projects require a permit before beginning work. The permitting and inspection processes allow the town to ensure that projects meet minimum code requirements and structures are well constructed and safe for occupants. If square footage is added to your home without a permit and later you want to sell your home, the project will have to be permitted and inspected before you can close on the sale. Click here to learn more.

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Information About Obtaining Permits

We want to make the permitting process as easy as possible. To begin, please begin by creating an account within our CityView Portal. Once registered, select Apply for a Permit underneath the Construction/UDO Permits Section. Decks, Screen Porches, Alteration and Addition projects typically require the following:

  • Building Plans
  • Plot Plan

Additional documents may be required due to the unique nature of each project. 

Plot Plan

A plot plan is required for all permits. A plot plan is a detailed sketch, survey or other drawing of your property that clearly shows the property lines, any existing structures and the proposed project. Please clearly indicate your project setbacks (the distance your proposed project will be located from all property lines) on the plot plan. Contact us to obtain setback information for your property