Sheds & Accessory Structures

General Information

  • All Sheds and Accessory Structures require a permit for Development Services
  • You can apply for these permits on the Holly Springs CityView Portal.
    • Sheds and Accessory Structures should be applied for using the "Building Construction - Residential" application type within the permit portal. 
  • Sheds and Accessory Structures are required to follow accessory structure setbacks which are less restrictive than primary building setbacks.
  • These setbacks vary by zoning district. Please contact Development Services for additional information on your properties setbacks. 
  • Always check with your Home Owners Association (HOA) for additional regulations.

Submittal Requirements

When applying for a shed or accessory structure permit, you will be required to submit the following documents:

  • Plot Plan showing the measurements from the proposed structure to the property lines.
  • Building plans for the proposed structure.
  • You may be required to submit additional documents if the proposed structure has electricity.

A plot plan is required for all permits. A plot plan is a detailed sketch, survey or other drawing of your property that clearly shows the property lines, any existing structures and the proposed project. Please clearly indicate your project setbacks (the distance your proposed project will be located from all property lines) on the plot plan. Contact us to obtain setback information for your property.

 For additional information regarding sheds and accessory structures, please see UDO Section 3.4