Schedule An Inspection

Inspections are performed during various stages of a construction project. Our inspectors make sure that all work meets state code requirements for the building, electrical, mechanical and plumbing trades. It's all for your safety!

Schedule an Inspection

Click here to schedule an inspection via the Online Permit Tracker. 

Note: All inspections requested before 4 p.m. will be performed the next business day.

Who has my inspection?

Click here to visit the Online Permit Tracker to find out.

  • Click on the permit number.
  • Locate and click on the scheduled inspection for the inspector's name.
  • You may contact the inspector for a window of time to expect your inspection (text messages preferred)
  1. Mike Ritter

    Inspections Manager (Building Safety&Inspections)
    Phone: o:(919) 557-2926
    c:(919) 291-5780

  1. Andrew Blackmon

    Phone: (919) 208-1472

  1. Antuan Dewar

    Phone: (919) 208-7797

  1. Mike Iglesias

    Phone: (919) 356-1941

  1. Dusty Mills

    Phone: (919) 353-4913

  1. Clyde Stephenson

    Phone: (919) 524-2617

  1. Angela Parsons

    Zoning Compliance Officer
    Phone: (919) 567-4026