COVID Meeting Procedures

Town Council Meetings During COVID-19

Holly Springs Town Council meetings are, as always, open to the public. However, due to the current COVID-19 situation, there are some changes in the way these meetings are being conducted, and the way the Town Council is receiving input from the public.

Council Chambers
There is reduced seating in the council chamber to maintain social distancing, and we request that people sit only in seats that are open, and not move any tape or other marker closing off certain seats. Facial coverings are required, and hand sanitizer is provided just outside the chamber door.  If you are taking a seat recently vacated by someone else, there are sanitizing products available at the rear of the chamber to wipe down the arms of the seat, if you wish. When more people arrive than can be seated in the chamber, overflow rooms will be provided where the meeting may be watched via the live stream.

Live Streaming
Meetings are being live streamed on the town web page, and may be watched in real time here.. Videos of the live stream are uploaded to the web page a day or two after the meeting and can be found here. These are good options for those who want to hear and see the meeting but do not feel comfortable coming to Town Hall.

Public Comment
During this period public comment is being received in writing, both to provide the opportunity for those that feel uncomfortable coming to Town Hall to provide input, and to lessen the number of people in the room and the number of people speaking into the same microphone. Comments may be emailed to the Town Clerk at or dropped in the payment box in the parking lot of Town Hall, with “Public Comment” written on the envelope.  We request that comments be delivered by 5:00 p.m. on the Monday before a meeting in order for them to be delivered to the Town Council prior to the meeting. A summary of the comments will be read by the clerk during the meeting and the verbatim comments will be included with the minutes.

Public Hearings
Testimony for public hearings is being received in-person during this time for those who are able to come to Town Hall. If you have testimony to give in a public hearing, but are unable or unwilling to appear in person, please contact the Town Clerk for instructions.  Written testimony for a quasi-judicial hearing will need to be by sworn affidavit, but a written statement may be sufficient for a legislative public hearing. The clerk can assist you with this information.

Contact Tracing
A voluntary sign-in sheet will be available at the entrance to the chamber for anyone who would like to be contacted by the Wake County Health Department in the event of a confirmed case of COVID among those attending the meeting. This information will be destroyed 4 weeks after the date of the meeting if the Health Department has not requested it.