Water Meters

Water Meter Installation for Households & Irrigation

After a resident establishes or changes an existing water and sewer account with the Finance Department in Town Hall, the Meter Department activates and installs water meters for customers. The department then takes monthly readings from each water meter to calculate the customer's monthly utility bill. The Meter Department uses scanners to collect data electronically from meters. The information collected by the scanners is downloaded into Finance Department computer system to calculate bills.

Billing Questions

If you have questions about your water bill, call the Finance Department at (919) 557-3925 option 3. The most common causes for unusually high water bills are running toilets or waterline leaks between the meter and the residence. Leaks on this side of the meter are the responsibility of the water customer. Leaks between the water meter and the street do not affect the reading on your meter because the water does not flow through the mechanism. Click here to view our FAQs; question one details how you can conduct a dye test on a toilet to see if it is leaking.

Property owners are responsible for repairing leaks between the meter and their house or business. The Town will repair leaks on the waterline between the meter and the street. Please report any waterline breaks or suspected leaks on the public side of the meter to Meter Department at (919) 557-3925 option 7.

Meter Types

Different types of water meters are used in Holly Springs:
  • Primary water meters measure water usage flowing into a residence, business or office. The readings collected from these meters are used to charge customers for the water they used, as well as for wastewater treatment of that used water. Water charges are set according to the amount of water used by the customer.
  • Irrigation meters are available for automatic systems used for lawn and landscaping irrigation. Customers are not charged wastewater fees for water flowing through irrigation meters. Installation of an irrigation meter requires a tap into the Town's water main. Contact Code Enforcement at (919) 557-3915 for fees and information.
  • Reclaimed water meters are purple and measure the amount of reclaimed water used by a residence, business or office.