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We realize that starting a new business can be tough. Whether you are relocating, expanding, or starting a new business, our goal is to assist you and provide helpful resources to guide you through your journey. We provide helpful links to get you started, connect you with our partners, give you a snapshot of Holly Springs, and share ways we can help. Please don’t hesitate to contact the Economic Development Staff with any questions you may have.

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Development Services Information

Thank you for choosing the Town of Holly Springs as the home for your new business. Whether you are relocating, expanding or starting a new business, our goal is to assist you throughout the development process. Depending on the nature of your new business, federal, state and local permits and licenses may also be required. 

Below, find information about opening a new business in Holly Springs.

Contact Development Services for additional information.

  1. Starting a New Business
  2. Information for Existing Businesses
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Home-Based Businesses 
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Converting Residential into commercial 
Building on an empty lot 
Downtown investment grants 
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