Avent Ferry Road Widening

Widening from N.C. 55 to Ralph Stephens Road  

This project completes the widening of 0.34 miles of Avent Ferry Road from N.C. 55 to what was formerly Piney Grove Wilbon Road. The town secured federal funding for design, right-of-way acquisition and construction for approximately 80 percent of projected costs. 

New Traffic Pattern: The design includes a continuous green T-intersection at the shopping center on Avent Ferry Road. The intersection allows vehicles to travel continuously from N.C. 55 toward Ralph Stephens Road without stopping at the shopping center signal. The signal will allow vehicles to turn left out of the shopping center into a dedicated travel lane on Avent Ferry Road without disrupting the flow of traffic.

New Crosswalk and Signal: A new pedestrian crosswalk and signal also is located at the shopping center intersection. When a pedestrian activates the signal, it will flash yellow before turning red, signaling drivers to stop and allow the pedestrian to cross. The signal is dark until it is activated by a pedestrian.

Avent Ferry Road


Finalizing signal construction, median work

Anticipated Completion:


Widening from Ralph Stephens to Cass Holt Road

This project consists of widening of approximately 3,600 linear feet of Avent Ferry Road from Ralph Stephens Road (formerly Piney Grove Wilbon Road) to Cass Holt Road. Widening will require right-of-way acquisition and utility relocation.

Although Avent Ferry is a state-maintained road, the town has agreed to administer design, right-of-way acquisition and construction to begin construction sooner. The N.C. Department of Transportation will provide all project funding, which is estimated at $8 million.

Map of Avent Ferry from Ralph Stephens to Cass Holt

Pending due to NCDOT funding shortfall

More Details:

  • Public engagement to be announced when project scheduled.