Strategic Plan

In 2019, the Holly Springs Town Council adopted a Strategic Plan that each department looks to, to define their yearly goals and focus areas. Two of the five Strategic Priority Areas in place are Economic Prosperity and Diversity and Responsible & Balanced Growth, which both support what we do in Economic Development. Please see below for a deeper dive of the priority areas that support business growth. To see the full plan go here.

Economic Prosperity & Diversity

Enhance, attract, and engage diverse economic development opportunities

  • Initiative 1.1 - Concentrate business recruitment efforts in the target industries of Wake County Economic Development, specifically Life Sciences, Advanced Manufacturing, IT & Technology, and Clean Tech & Smart Grid.

Create a vibrant downtown center

  • Initiative 2.1 - Update Downtown Development Incentives (DDI) Policy and associated development tools to attract mixed-use housing, office, employment, shopping and entertainment opportunities.

Responsible and Balanced Growth

Support land use planning and policies that provide for sustainable and economic growth while balancing small town characteristics

  • Initiative 2.1 - Pursue a residential/non-residential tax base ratio of 70%/30%.