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Street TreesThe Town of Holly Springs seeks to provide a range of affordable housing choices within the community. A variety of affordable housing choices allows residents at all stages of life, with different housing needs and preferences, to live in the community for a lifetime.  

Housing affordability - defined as the general affordability of housing and associated housing costs, is a regional issue that is impacting many communities. As the Triangle area continues to grow, the affordability of housing is becoming a larger issue. Holly Springs is working with regional partners, including the Wake County Division of Housing Affordability and Community Revitalization and the Central Pines Regional Council, to find affordable housing solutions. 

By focusing on housing affordability, the Town can provide opportunities for people who make Holly Springs a great place to live (teachers, police officers, fire fighters, public works staff, retail and restaurant workers, and others) can also live in the same community where they work.


Housing Affordability vs. Affordable Housing

Housing affordability and affordable housing are two different concepts that impact the local housing market. 

Housing Affordability: 

A term that describes the general affordability of housing and associated housing costs like utilities, insurance, and transportation. The term "affordability" refers to the total cost of housing as a percentage of gross income. Housing is considered affordable when it does not exceed 30% of gross income.

Affordable Housing:  

A specific type of housing that is constructed to supply a community with housing units that are deemed affordable.  Affordable housing units may limit ownership or rental to certain income levels.  Generally, these units are available to households that earn less than 80% of the area median income (AMI).  


Holly Springs Housing Affordability Study

The Town conducted a Housing Affordability Study to analyze community housing needs and consider how to achieve potential housing affordability goals.

A housing affordability study provides findings related to housing affordability, analyzes community housing needs based on existing conditions and trends, and provides specific recommendations and actions to consider related to potential community housing affordability goals.

Click here to view the final draft of the study.

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