Grigsby Avenue Improvements

GrigsbyTransportation Bond-Funded Project

Completing widening, sidewalk connections, curb and gutter, and crosswalks. This project improves traffic flow and safety on a well-traveled gateway road that leads to neighborhoods and premiere parks – Womble and Sugg Farm – where games and events are held throughout the year.    


Grigby Avenue, from Raleigh Street to Sugg Farm

GrigsbyProject Status:

Deferred for evaluation

Public engagement:

An open house meeting was held in August 2019. 

Interesting fact:

Following the Civil War, about 50 freed men pooled their money to buy land for a church where First Baptist Church stands today on Grigsby Avenue. The African-American men and women who helped build the town before the Civil War stayed and kept the town alive after emancipation. The half-acre plot of land purchased for the church held a log cabin. A new church building was constructed in the late 1860s and replaced after it burned in a fire. The building then was renovated in 1935 and again in 1952 with added brick veneer and modern amenities.

GrigsbyKey partners:

Holly Springs staff has engaged with key partners for this project, including:

  • Duke Energy


Utilities and Infrastructure Services(919) 577-3150 

Web page last updated:

Feb. 25, 2020