Code Enforcement: Inspections and permits.


Farmers Market

Garbage & Recycling

Permits: Links to information about permits issued by the Town of Holly Springs, including those for door-to-door solicitation, golf carts, building projects and neighborhood block parties.

Parks & Recreation 

Public Records: Public records dating back to 1927.

Public Safety: Animal Control, and Police and Fire services.

Reclaimed Water: Reclaimed water, also called recycled water or reuse water, is treated wastewater that can be used for non-potable uses such as irrigation.

Stormwater Management: The Town’s Stormwater Management Program safeguards our local waterways like creeks, streams, and lakes including Bass Lake, Sunset Lake and Harris Lake for this and future generations by working to ensure that the rainwater that flows from all of our properties and into the collection systems remains clean and free of contamination. 

Utility Billing

Wastewater Treatment


Yard Waste