Opening or Expanding a Business in Holly Springs

Thank you for choosing the Town of Holly Springs as the home for your new or expanding business! Our Economic Development team is happy to talk to and meet with current, future and prospective businesses, no matter how small or large.

If you are relocating, expanding or starting a new business, our goal is to help guide your business through the development process.

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Depending on the nature of your new business, federal, state and local permits and licenses may be required in addition to the permits required by the Town.

Here are the steps you can take!! 

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Determine Zoning Complianceblack and red step 1 stamp Required for constructing a new building, renovating or expanding in an existing building, leasing in a new space, and opening a home-based business.

Contact the Development Services to determine if your proposed business currently is allowed in the area you'd like to open or if a rezoning or special exception use is needed.

If you are expanding, renovating or moving into an existing space, Town staff will determine if your site is zoned to accommodate the use or expansion and also will determine if your use or expansion requires an amendment to an existing development plan to show required additional parking, landscaping, façade treatments or other site improvements.

If your business is allowed in an existing building, proceed to Step 5.