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Happy Holly Days: Business Entry Form

  1. Happy Holly Days Parade Business Entry Form

    Questions? Call Barb Koblich (919) 552-6221 or Joni Powell at (919) 557-3900.

  2. Name as it should appear on television.

  3. First and last name

  4. Where company receives its invoices

  5. Are you in another Christmas parade the same day?

  6. Businesses! Here's Your Opportunity to Shine!

    You can fashion your own mobile holiday celebration! The Happy Holly Days Christmas Parade in Holly Springs is a great way to put your name out in front of thousands of people just as the holiday shopping season gets into high gear!

  7. What Kind of Entry Will You Have?

    Vehicles and people should be decked out for the holidays. Think PARADE :o) Businesses have TWO choices for entering the parade. Basic Entry: Create your own entry. Rent a Float: If you aren't feeling creative or you just like to keep it simple, you can rent a pre-decorated float (includes tow vehicle and driver) with your company name on it. Just show up on parade day and hop aboard.


    Don't know what to enter? You can rent a float! The floats are pre-decorated and will have your company or organization's name on both sides. A towing vehicle and driver are provided. Your float will be waiting for you in the correct place on Parade Day morning and will drop you off at the Cultural Center at the end of the parade. Floats are $550.

  9. * Who will ride your float?

  10. * Select from the available floats

    Click on the button for the float you wish to rent

  11. Snowmen -- RESERVED


  12. Bells


  13. Light of the World -- RESERVED United Church of Christ

    tf 2017 Light of the World_edited

  14. Christmas Castle

    tf 2017 Christmas Castle_edited

  15. Partridge in a Pear Tree

    tf 2017 partridge in a pear tree

  16. Train


  17. Stocking


  18. Has Anyone Seen Santa?

    tf 2017 has anyone seen Santa

  19. Peppermint -- RESERVED


  20. Night Before

    Night Before.png

  21. Christmas Star II

    Christmas Star II.png

  22. Santa's Workshop

    Santa Workshop.png


  24. Entry Fee

    Click One and pay that amount by credit card when you submit and receive your confirmation page.

  25. We need to know how much space to leave for you to fill on Parade Day, so describe what all will be in your entry. (i.e. a pick-up pulling a trailer; walkers; cars, etc.)

  26. Please write a few sentences about your entry or your business for the parade announcer.

  27. PayYour Entry Fee by Credit Card

    When you click on SUBMIT below, you will receive a confirmation page with a link to the Kiwanis Club of Holly Springs payment portal. There is also a mail-your-check option there.

  28. Thank You for Entering and Happy Holly Days!

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