Posted on: November 16, 2017

Greenway Segment Closes Nov. 20 for Months

A portion of the greenway running from Grigsby Avenue to the Bass Lake trail closes Monday, Nov. 20 for at least six months to keep pedestrians safely clear of adjacent subdivision construction. 

The segment of the Carl G. Dean Greenway that is closing extends from Grigsby Avenue to the pedestrian bridge between Somerset Farm and The Parks at Bass Lake subdivisions. The closure is prompted by construction of Park Avenue subdivision, for which plans were approved a year ago.

Remaining open is the portion from the Somerset Farm pedestrian bridge eastward to the Bass Lake loop trail.

See a map showing the affected segment and ways around it.

Barricades and signs identifying the closed segment will be placed at both ends and at a boardwalk connection on the southern end of Main Street Square. 

The remaining-open portion of the greenway has three connections to The Parks at Bass Lake. These include the pedestrian bridge leading to Somerset Farm, plus two access points near a stormwater impoundment. Those three connections will enable greenway users to maneuver between Grigsby Avenue and the greenway segment heading east to Bass Lake.

From the west, a boardwalk at the northern end of Main Street Square provides access to Womble Park and Grigsby Avenue.

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