Posted on: August 2, 2017

Main Street Extension Open

Project map

Main Street extension and a realigned Piney Grove Wilbon Road are scheduled to open Friday night, Aug. 4, sometime after rush hour.

The roadway will give drivers more options by providing a new link in what has been a disconnected transportation network in southwestern Holly Springs.

The project involves extending South Main Street west of N.C. 55 along a portion of Ralph Stephens Road to the new alignment of Piney Grove Wilbon Road. It provides a new intersection with Ralph Stephens Road.

The Main Street extension project is the largest of several targeting rush hour traffic along and near Avent Ferry Road. Left turning traffic at Avent Ferry and N.C. 55 should decrease substantially with the extension of Main Street.

Last fall, N.C. 55 at Avent Ferry Road was reconfigured with U-turns and with a new right-turn lane onto westbound Avent Ferry. The purpose was to give more green light time to rush hour commuters. N.C. 55 at Main Street will remain a conventional intersection.

Widening of Avent Ferry Road from the bypass to Piney Grove Wilbon Road is scheduled to begin in mid-2018.

See map.
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