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  1. Conserve Water & Reduce Stormwater Run-Off with Rain Barrels Offered at Wholesale Pricing

    Have you ever considered capturing and reusing rainwater to irrigate your lawn or garden and to wash your car or pet? The Town of Holly Springs is partnering with a vendor to offer 50-gallon rain barrels at wholesale pricing now through Nov. 10. Read on...
  2. Council Continues Consideration of Update to Land Use Plan

    Sept. 17, the Holly Springs Town Council held a public hearing on a future land use plan update to help guide development decisions as the town grows in size. The council most likely will vote on final adoption of the update at its next meeting on Oct. 1 Read on...
  3. Meter Lids in Twelve Oaks Being Replaced

    This week through the end of the month, meter lids in the Twelve Oaks neighborhood are being replaced. Read on...
  4. Student Safety Focus of Crosswalk Flag Initiative

    With traditional calendar schools starting Monday, the Town is raising the flag on crosswalk safety. Four crosswalks near elementary and middle schools now have red flags that students can carry while crossing the road. Read on...
  5. Police Stress Crosswalk Safety for Drivers & Pedestrians

    With the academic year resuming at schools on the traditional calendar, it’s an especially appropriate time for reminders about looking out for pedestrians of all ages at crosswalks throughout town. Read on...
  6. Waste Industries Merger Prompts Re-Branding with New Colors

    New residents and those with broken trash and recycling containers are receiving colorful new containers. Collection services, routes and pickup days remain the same. Read on...
  1. Sep 16
  2. HSPR Youth Basketball registration

    HSPR Youth Basketball registration opens for residents on 9/16 and for nonresidents on 9/30. For more info, visit http://www.hollyspringsnc.us/
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  1. This Week in Government

    Holly Springs Farmers Market  | Saturdays, 8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

    Enjoy local farmers, fresh produce and so much more Saturday in the farmers market's new location along West Ballentine Street, outside the Cultural Center! More info »