Water & Sewer Projects

Requests for Proposals & Qualifications
The Town maintains a list of qualified firms and professionals who have expressed interest in providing services related to planning, survey, design, study, construction administration, and testing. See the invitation to consultants and how to request inclusion on the list.
Water & Sewer Projects

Middle Creek Force Main Improvements
Replacing and installing sewage lines.
Estimated completion: Spring 2016
Location: Middle Creek, Sunset Ridge, Sunset Lake Road
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West Side Regional Sewer Study
Determining sewer upgrade needs
Estimated completion: This project is in progress.
Location: West side of Town
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East Side Regional Sewer Pumping Station
Increasing capacity and efficiency of existing sewer collection system on east side of Holly Springs
Estimated completion: This is project is in progress.
Location: Pumping station location to be determined.
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Water Interconnection Modeling Efforts
The Town has water infrastructure connections with Apex, Cary and Fuquay-Varina, in addition to the primary connection to Harnett County. These connections provide drinking water and fire protection. A hydraulic model and evaluation is being completed to ensure that, in the event of an emergency or complication with the connection to Harnett County, the other connections will provide adequate water supply.
Estimated completion: Spring 2016

Sugg Farm Bathroom Facilities
Staff is completing design and permitting work to allow for for constructing public restrooms at Sugg Farm Park.
Estimated completion: 2016

Avent Ferry Pump Station Force Main Upgrades
The pump station lines for phase two are planned to parallel the existing force main in order to increase the capacity of the existing pump stations. Design is underway.
Estimated completion: 2016/2017
Mims Stormwater & Avent Ferry Road Streetscape Improvements
Constructing an area for water quality treatment, widening Avent Ferry and adding sidewalks and streetscape features.
Estimated completion: pending
Location: At Mims Park and along Avent Ferry Road in downtown Holly Springs
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