Transportation projects

Requests for Proposals & Qualifications
The Town maintains a list of qualified firms and professionals who have expressed interest in providing services related to planning, survey, design, study, construction administration, and testing. See the invitation to consultants and how to request inclusion on the list.
Town Transportation Projects

Main Street Extension
Extending Main St. south to connect to Piney Grove-Wilbon Road, improving commuter routes while decreasing traffic volume on Avent Ferry Road.
Estimated completion: 2018
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Avent Ferry Road Four Lane Widening

Widening Avent Ferry to four lanes, from N.C. 55 to Piney Grove-Wilbon Road, and from Piney Grove-Wilbon Road to Cass Holt Road.
Estimated completion: Phase 1 undergoing right-of-way acquisition
Location of Phase 1: Avent Ferry Road from N.C. 55 to Piney Grove-Wilbon Road
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Mims Stormwater & Avent Ferry Road Streetscape Improvements

Constructing a recreation amenity with water quality treatment, widening Avent Ferry and adding sidewalks and streetscape features.
Estimated completion: pending
Location: At Mims Park and along Avent Ferry Road in downtown Holly Springs
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Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacons

Safety features alerting motorists to pedestrians in the crosswalk.
Estimated completion: Summer 2017
Location: Beacons are installed at one location on Grigsby Ave.; more will be included in the Town CIP.
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Annual Street Improvement Project

Town-maintained streets were evaluated and prioritized for this upcoming resurfacing project that includes Skybrook Drive, Crittenden Lane, Dutch Hill Road, Indian Hill Road, Stargate Road, W. Ballentine Street, Onondaga Court, Lockley Road and Irving Parkway.
Estimated completion: 2017

Bypass Connection at Sportsmanship Way

This connection includes a left turn lane on N.C. 55 for vehicles turning onto Sportsmanship Way, as well as a signalized U-turn north of Sportsmanship Way. The project will aid in congestion relief on N.C. 55 as well as on Holly Springs Road and Main Street. 
Status: Preliminary engineering occurring

Rogers Lane Extension

This road connection is planned between Main Street and Avent Ferry Road.
Estimated completion: 2018

Town Cemetery Facility Improvements

The Town of Holly Springs maintains and operates the cemetery located at the corner of Earp and Burt streets. Grading and paving an internal access road is expected to occur in 2017.

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The Comprehensive Transportation Plan addresses expected growth in Holly Springs and improvements to transportation and roads. Recommendations for improving pedestrian and bicycle transportation are included, as well as transit recommendations.

The N.C. Department of Transportation also is involved in transportation projects in and near Holly Springs. Click here for more information on state road projects in and near Holly Springs.