N.C. 55 / Avent Ferry Road Intersection Improvements

NC 55 / Avent Ferry
Frequently Asked Questions
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1. Will this be another superstreet, like the ones that were added for the shopping center just up the road on 55 Bypass?

Although it also includes U-turn lanes, the Avent Ferry intersection project has a different purpose and function. It's about opening up the bottlenecks stemming from traffic turning left out of, or right onto, Avent Ferry Road. The new medians, lanes and signal light timing should especially benefit those who live in subdivisions along Avent Ferry Road.

2. How much is this expected to help?

Traffic studies indicate the level of service should improve from an "E" to a "B", a measurement system comparable to a child's report card.

3. Will the speed limit on the bypass be lowered with the change to the intersection?

The N.C. Department of Transportation sets the speed limit on both roads, since they are part of the state system. At this time, NCDOT has no plan to change the speed limit on N.C. 55 through Holly Springs.

4. Why not widen N.C. 55 through Holly Springs? Wouldn't that be a better way to move traffic than making these intersection changes?

That's perhaps a longer term solution. But it will cost many millions of dollars more and take longer to complete than the changes at the intersection slated for next year. Instead, the intersection project targets the congestion where it is worst and enables us to get started on a remedy years sooner than if we were to wait for a much bigger widening project along N.C. 55.

5. Instead of spending millions in federal and town funds on Main Street Extension, why not use the money to widen Avent Ferry Road? Wouldn't that do more to solve the traffic problems?

We aren't allowed to use the millions in federal funds that we received for Main Street extension on the intersection project or to widen Avent Ferry Road. We received those funds for Main Street extension because that project is considered to have regional benefits. Even so, the project should decrease left-turning traffic at Avent Ferry and N.C. 55 by providing another traffic route through the area.