N.C. 55 / Avent Ferry Road Intersection Improvements

NC 55 / Avent Ferry
Morning rush on Avent Ferry RoadPlanning & Funding
A traffic study of this intersection was completed in late 2014. The traffic study was scoped by both the state Department of Transportation and the Town since NCDOT maintains both roads.

The Town paid for the study. Several resulting alternative solutions then were presented at the Town Council Spring 2014 retreat. The council approved a plan of action, and directed staff to secure as much NCDOT funding as possible toward the estimated $1.6 million dollar cost.

In June and July 2014, NCDOT awarded partial funding for the project from both spot safety and contingency monies. NCDOT will fund almost two thirds of the project, with the Town funding the balance.

To accelerate the schedule, the Town is overseeing design and construction. The Town Council approved the design contract in August 2014.