N.C. 55 / Avent Ferry Road Intersection


New lanes, medians and signal light timing to move traffic faster during morning and evening rush hours by focusing on the directions in which most drivers are traveling.
N.C. 55 and Avent Ferry


  • Public Meeting - Held November 2014
  • Construction - Began April 2016; finish by end of year
  • Traffic shift to new pattern soon.

Project Details

How It Helps:

  • More green light time for left turns off Avent Ferry onto 55 going north
  • A new "free flow" lane on 55 going south that traffic can turn right onto Avent Ferry without stopping

How It's Done:

Reducing the number of different turns and through-movements at the intersection to benefit those left turns off Avent Ferry and the right turns onto it.

For example, a motorist on Avent Ferry Road driving from Holly Springs High School en route to downtown would turn right onto N.C. 55 and make a U-turn to reach Avent Ferry Road on the other side of 55.

Frequently Asked Questions

See How It Works:

Map and video showing the changes from different directions of travel.


Approximately $1.9 million (about $1.3 million in state funds and $600,000 in town funds) 


Town of Holly Springs Engineering Department
(919) 557-3938