Bass Lake Birthday Parties

The Bass Lake Birthday Party package is a way to educate children about nature in a fun and relaxed environment with their peers. A minimum two-hour booking is required. During that time, a 1.5-hour (minimum) interactive program is led by park staff. Staff begins the party with a 10-15 minute talk about a nature-related topic chosen by the child or parent. After the short presentation, staff leads a craft children take home after the party and/or conducts an interactive activity. Free time at the end of the booking may be used for cutting cake, singing “Happy Birthday,” opening presents and more.

For more information or to reserve the park for your party, contact Park Naturalist Steve McElhaney at (919) 557-2906.

Examples of party themes and crafts
You are not limited to the topics listed below, and not all birthday themes may conduct the same program or craft.
  • Fishing: Learn about types of fish you can catch in Bass Lake, then make your own fishing pole and test it!
  • Snakes: Learn how to identify different snake species, then create your own beaded snake.
  • Turtles: Learn about land and aquatic turtles, make a turtle of your own, and then look at live turtles.
  • Water bugs: Learn about the types of aquatic insects that live in the water, then walk along the lake and try to catch some.
The rate, which includes the room, tables, chairs and program is $70 per hour for residents (someone who receives a Holly Springs water bill) and $105 per hour for non-residents. A mandatory $50 room deposit is required. Rentals must be a minimum of two hours. The party topic and day must be approved by Park Naturalist Steve McElhaney at least a month prior to the party.