Mims Site BMP & Avent Ferry Road Streetscape Improvements

screen shot of Mims BMPEstimated Date of Completion: pending


At Mims Park and along Avent Ferry Road in downtown Holly Springs


This recreation facility will provide required water quality treatment for both existing sites and future development in the basin, meeting federally mandated stormwater treatment requirements. Construction of a “regional” stormwater BMP (best management practice) to serve 28 acres in the Village Area District of downtown Holly Springs is included. The project will also include widening, sidewalks, and various streetscape features along Avent Ferry Road adjacent to the BMP. This project is being undertaken both to encourage downtown development and to provide another public amenity where various community activities can occur, including concerts and events, walking, biking, festivals, and passive recreation activities. This is to be the first construction project funded in part by the Town’s stormwater nutrient buy-down fund (from stormwater treatment fees-in-lieu collected from past development projects). Additional contributions for the facility will come from a developer and possibly from a grant.


Funding for completion of design and permitting approved 


Town of Holly Springs Engineering Department
(919) 557-3938