Main Street Extension

Small Main St Extension Map


Construction Begun: May 2016
Ralph Stephens and Piney Grove Wilbon roads south of N.C. 55

Extension of Main Street southward to Piney Grove Wilbon Road. The primary purpose of the proposed project is to improve traffic flow through southern Holly Springs. An additional benefit is to decrease the traffic volume turning left from eastbound Avent Ferry Road onto northbound NC 55 Bypass.

The community desires improved routes for commuters and local traffic traveling between destinations on the south/southwest and the north (via Avent Ferry Road and NC 55 Bypass), and downtown Holly Springs (via Main Street). The current road network in southern Holly Springs is disconnected, and drivers must make at least two turns to travel between destinations on the south and southwest (via Avent Ferry Road, Cass Holt Road, or Piney Grove-Wilbon Road) and downtown Holly Springs on the north (via NC 55).

Main Street Extension will realign and extend Ralph Stephens Road and Piney Grove Wilbon Road to form a new intersection, with part of the project on new location, to improve local connectivity (by adding a north-south connection) and increase traffic capacity. This will distribute traffic through the network, reducing the eastbound left turning traffic volumes by 25 percent through the critical intersection of NC 55 Bypass/Avent Ferry Road. Traffic on Avent Ferry Road between Piney Grove Wilbon Road and the Bypass will be reduced in volume, helping this critical intersection.

The project will also complete a critical connection that is on the Town’s Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP). The new roadway frontage will also provide better access to undeveloped critical properties in the southern gateway area.

The Town has secured several federal grants for this project through CAMPO/NCDOT:
  • In 2011 for environmental permitting and preliminary design, an 80% grant in the amount of $640,000 (matched by local funds in the amount of $140,000);
  • In 2012 for final design and right of way purchase, an 80% grant in the amount of $1,144,000 (match by local funds in the amount of $286,000);
  • In 2013 for construction. An 80% grant in the amount of $5,200,000 (match by local funds in the amount of $1,300,000).
Town of Holly Springs Engineering Department
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