Resident Information: Do I Need a Permit?

Welcome to the resident information page. This page is intended to provide residents with helpful information regarding town ordinances and permitting for typical residential projects and special events. The information presented on this page is not intended to be a full explanation of all policies, but rather a guide to assist residents with questions they may have before starting a new project. Please contact the Department of Planning and Zoning with any questions you may have and to confirm that your project is in conformance with all ordinances. 


Permits, Accessory Structures & Temporary Uses




Garage Sales

133 Roslyn Hills shed (2).JPG

Sheds & Accessory Structure


Driveway Widening

  • Permit Required Download Permit
  • Quick Reference Guide
  • The maximum allowed driveway widening and expansion may vary. Contact the Department of Planning & Zoning for additional information
  • Always check with your subdivision's Home Owner Association (HOA) for additional regulations and/or approvals.


Pools / Hot Tubs

  • Permit Required. For additional information about obtaining permits, please contact the Code Enforcement Department.
  • Quick Reference Guide
  • Setbacks vary by zoning district, contact the Department of Planning & Zoning for additional information.
  • Always check with your subdivision's Home Owner Association (HOA) for additional regulations and/or approvals.

Information for obtaining permits from Planning & Zoning

The Department of Planning & Zoning would like to make the permitting process as easy as possible. In order to process your permit, you will need to submit a permit application, plot plan, and permit fee. Please visit the Petitions, Review Schedules, and Fee Sheets page for the most current information.

Plot Plan

A plot plan is required for all permits. A plot plan is a detailed sketch, survey, or other drawing of your property which must clearly show the property lines, any existing structures, and the proposed project. Please clearly indicate the setbacks of your project (the distance your proposed project will be located from all property lines) on the plot plan. Please contact the Department of Planning & Zoning to obtain setback information for your property.

Street Trees

Street Trees

General Maintenance of Street Trees

As a homeowner in a street tree community, it is your responsibility to maintain your street tree(s) and ensure that through sound pruning techniques your street tree(s) will be something for you and all your neighbors to enjoy! If the tree should die or require replacement, you are responsible for replacing the street tree with the same species as the original tree. Please contact the Department of Planning & Zoning to confirm the species of the street tree.

Get Involved

Be a part of it! The Town of Holly Springs Department of Planning & Zoning works with two citizen committees, Board of Adjustment and Planning Board, to assist them in making decisions on proposed development throughout the Town. As a resident of Holly Springs or the Town’s Extraterritorial Jurisdiction (ETJ), you have an opportunity to become a member on these Boards.

The deadline for submitting Applications to be considered for the 2018 - 2021 Term has passed.  Applications are taken all year in case of mid-term vacancy or for consideration for the 2019 - 2022 Term, please submit applications to the Town Clerks office. For information on the Boards and an application, visit Boards & Committees.
Political Signs


Click here for information about placing political signs in Holly Springs.


Other Helpful Information

Property Information and Mapping

Wake County provides a wide range of property information through the IMAPS website. Information such as property owner information, tax records, aerial views, demographics, planning jurisdictions, voting precincts, environmental data and much more are accessible through this web based mapping system. Please be advised that this information is updated and maintained by Wake County. The Town of Holly Springs does not guarantee the accuracy of the information provided. Click Here to access IMAPS.


Many properties contain different easements such as power line easements, storm drainage easements, and utility easements. There are limits as to what is allowed to be placed in these easement areas. If you would like more information regarding the easements on your property, please contact the Department of Engineering at (919) 557-3939.