Comprehensive Plan

Vision Holly Springs, the Town's Comprehensive Plan, serves as a policy guide on future land use; transportation; parks, recreation and open space; community character; business development; community facilities; infrastructure and utilities; and natural resources. The Comprehensive Plan is the primary tool that the Town staff, Planning Board and Town Council use in deciding priorities for public investment. Paper copies are available from the Department of Planning & Zoning for a fee to cover printing costs.

Mission Statement

Executive Summary
Map- Existing Conditions

Table of Contents
  1. Future Land Use
    Map- Future Land Use Plan
  2. Transportation
    Map - Thoroughfare Plan - *For more information, please see our Comprehensive Transportaton Plan (CTP).*
    Map - Sidewalk & Greenway Plan
  3. Parks, Recreation, and Open Space
    Map - Parks, Recreation & Open Space Master Plan
  4. Community Character
    Map - Village Streetscape Master Plan
    Map - Thoroughfare Plantings Plan
    Map - Historic Resources Map
  5. Reserved for Future Use
  6. Community Facilities
    Map - Community Facilities Plan
    Map - Potential Public School Plan
  7. Infrastructure and Utilities
    Map - Long Range Water
    Map - Long Range Wastewater
  8. Natural Resources
    Map - Natural Resources