Bass Lake
HSTV-11 is the town's government access channel on Time Warner Cable channel 11 and Deacon Cable 11. The Department of Public Affairs and Communications operates HSTV.

2 Ways to Watch on the Web
Town Council meetings and other HSTV-produced programming are online. This includes featured topics, special events, PSAs, etc.

On our YouTube Channel
Watch council meetings and other HSTV programming on the town's YouTube Channel

Videos embedded into our website
Watching on TV
Time Warner Cable provides cable service exclusively in standard definition and high definition digital formats. For HSTV, you must use a set-top box, a digital adapter or a CableCARD™ provided by Time Warner Cable.

Ordering a Digital Adaptor
Visit Time Warner Cable for details on ordering a digital adapter or call (855) 286-1736.

Publicizing Community Events
Submit your charity or not-for-profit event for inclusion on our Community Bulletin Board and calendar. All events must be held in Holly Springs. Submission form.