Citizen Engagement

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The most important political office is that of the private citizen. ~Louis Brandeis

The Town of Holly Springs is not the organization of people that keeps things running smoothly. It is not the elected and appointed officials who provide leadership and direction. It is the community of citizens who live, work and play here, and the Department of Public Affairs and Communication seeks to keep in touch with these most important people.

By its definition, the Public Affairs section of the DPAC is most concerned with the Town organization’s links to its citizens. Programs, services and activities of the Public Affairs section are designed to not only push important information out to our citizens but to take information in from the community. What our citizens are thinking, what they are wanting and what is bothering them is important to us.

Ways to Interact
Information Campaigns
Whenever the Town has an important issue about which citizens need to know, DPAC launches an information campaign, using a variety of communications outlets. Depending on the situation, the campaign may be a matter of simply issuing out the information. In some cases where the topic is complex or particularly important, DPAC will use more intense methods, including personal contact at meetings and at places where a lot of people gather.

Non-Profit Organization Calendar
Representatives of non-profit organizations, churches, public schools and civic groups may submit event information for inclusion on a community calendar to appear on the Town website and HSTV11's bulletin board. Items must be all of the following:
  • non-profit in nature
  • of benefit to the community
  • of interest to the community; and
  • in or near Holly Springs
Disclaimer: Calendar coordinators reserve the right to edit and to determine appropriateness of posting submissions. Submission to the Town does not guarantee an event will be posted to the calendar, and coordinators are not required to accommodate all submissions. Items submitted for the community calendar may also be broadcast on the Community Connections feature of HSTV-11, although this is not guaranteed. There is no charge for this service, but citizens are asked to limit information, to who, what, when, where, why, how and how much. Items need to be submitted at least one week in advance of the event, and events must have a Holly Springs connection or emphasis.

Social Media
Social media is one way to find out what's happening in Holly Springs and to communicate with us. Click here for links to Holly Springs on social media.

Opinion Polls and Surveys
Subscribe to the Polls & Surveys category in the Notify Me feature to learn when we post a single-question poll or a more in-depth survey. Click here for more information on polls and surveys.