Legal Public Notices

Legal Public Notices

The Holly Springs Town Council holds public hearings to receive input from citizens on a variety of topics. Some public hearings are required by law. Some are scheduled because the Council wants or needs insight from the community. Apart from ordinances involving land-use regulation and money management, statutorily-required public hearings are fairly rare. When notice is required, the Town Clerk's office generally posts notices in "a newspaper of general circulation" as required by law. Typically, these notices are placed in the classified section of the newspaper under the “Legal Notices” heading.

In Holly Springs, we also make this information available to our citizens via the Town’s website. Below are links to notices that may be of interest to you.

Town Council

Public Hearings scheduled for October 4, 2016   
There are no public hearings scheduled at this time.

Public Hearings scheduled for October 18, 2016    Legal Advertisement
16-REZ-11 Green Oaks Crossing     Legal     More Information
16-REZ-12 1040 Bass Lake Road     Legal     More Information

Special Exception Use
16-SEU-04 Stonemont Amenity Center     Legal     More Information

Board of Adjustment

Public Hearings scheduled for October 11, 2016
16-VAR-05 101 Cahors Trail     Legal     More Information
16-VAR-06 209 Procino Lane     Legal     More Information
16-VAR-07 103 Cotten Lane / Williams Office Building      Legal     More Information
16-VAR-08 101 Cotten Lane / Williams Office Building      Legal     More Information

Bid Postings

Please see the Bid Postings page for details regarding Town projects and purchases. Or click here to sign up to be notified by email or text message when a bid is posted.

Other Legal Notices

There are no other legal notices at this time.