Snow Removal

Snow removal
Before a Storm
Depending on the weather forecast and current conditions, Public Works Department trucks are prepared with snow plows, sand and salt spreaders.

During a Storm
The primary goal is to keep roads passable for emergency vehicle access and public safety. During snow and ice storms, trucks with sand/salt spreaders may scrape or chemically treat roadways. Two to six of these trucks may be on the road, depending on the storm type and timing. After accumulation of 2-3 inches of snow, the Department of Public Works will begin full-scale operation, which consists of covering six plow routes with either Town vehicles or private contractors if necessary.
After a Storm
Please be aware that it takes approximately four to six hours to complete snow removal operations even after the snow has stopped. Salting may continue as needed. Once the storm tapers off, plows will continue to clean and widen roadways. The last procedure of plowing major roadways is to push back the plowed edges, widening the area of cleared roadway. Once major roads are cleared, plows proceed into subdivisions, concentrating on main roads and streets within subdivisions. Side streets and cul-de-sacs come last.