Festival Authors & Presenters

Book Fair

More than 25 authors are participating in this year's book festival Saturday, Sept. 29 at the Holly Springs Cultural Center. 

Featured Authors & Presenters

Jaki Shelton Green

N.C. Poet Laureate Jaki Shelton Green
5 p.m., Theater

N.C. Poet Laureate Jaki Shelton Green is featured at this year's book festival. Green will speak about the writing process and responsibility of the poet laureate in the cultural center theater at 5 p.m. A reception will follow Green’s presentation.

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Using Collage to Inspire Your Writing
Author Heather McCollum
1 p.m., Carolina Room

Authors: Learn how to create a collage of your book, building a visual representation to explore and immerse yourself into your setting, characters and plot. McCollum has used this technique for each of her 18 published books and will share her tools, resources and techniques.


Place Match – The City Doctor’s Guide To Finding Where You Belong
Author Katherine Loflin
2 p.m., Theater

Loflin is a global expert in place science who has spoken twice with TEDx. She will present her groundbreaking research on what makes you love where you live and how loving your city is key to a better city, a better you and a better local economy.


Find Your Divine Rhythm & Unique Mission
Author Dori Staehle
2 p.m. Carolina Room

An energetic speaker with an inspiring story of hope, healing, and finding your purpose, Staehle weaves humor with practical tips gleaned from over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience. She will share how she rose up to rock the next stage of her life and how you can, too!


To Any Soldier: A Novel of Vietnam Letters
Author Kathryn Quigg
4 p.m., Theater

Quigg, coauthor of To Any Soldier: A Novel of Vietnam Letters, discusses her novel. In the book, a young marine attack pilot in Vietnam meets a North Carolina college freshman through letters. Even amid the bloodshed in Vietnam and the civil unrest at home, the characters dare to dream of a life together while struggling to understand the war and themselves. The novel has received both the Editor’s Choice and the Rising Star awards from iUniverse. It was featured in the April edition of Booklist Magazine as a purchase recommendation to more than 60,000 librarians.


Literary Agents 101: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Literary Agents But Were Afraid to Ask
Literary Agent Nikki Terpilowski
4 p.m. Carolina Room

Terpilowski, owner of Raleigh-based Holloway Literary, discusses what literary agents do, why writers need one and how to find the best agent for your work. This presentation is for professionally-minded writers who are interested in becoming traditionally published.

Also enjoy the following authors:

Chris Abbate, Poetry
Sephira Allen, Romance
Maria Elena Alonso-Sierra, Romance
Jody Auger, Romance
John Choquette, Children's Literature
Deborah Dunn, Mystery
Carlyle Edmundson, Science Fiction
Karolyn Emore, Children's Literature
Amie Knight, Romance
E.T. Malone, Jr., Non-Fiction
Cat Michaels, Children's Literature
Steven Miller, Thriller
Mary Beth Montgomery, Non-Fiction
Nancy Panko, Fiction
Karen Pullen, Mystery
Deek Rhew, Thriller
Erin Rhew, Romance/Fantasy
Reese Ryan, Romance
Doug Simpson, Science Fiction
Chuck Tryon, Non-Fiction
Renee Weichinger, Children's Literature