Council Meeting Agenda

7 p.m. Tuesday, March 20, 2018 Regular Meeting
Holly Springs Town Hall Council Chambers
1.  Call to Order
2.  Pledge of Allegiance. 
3.  Invocation.
4.  Adjustment and approval of the March 20, 2018 meeting agenda.

5.  PUBLIC COMMENT PERIOD:  Notes on the Comment Period --
Each speaker is asked to limit comments to 3 minutes, and the total comment period will be 15 minutes or less.  Citizens should sign up with the Town Clerk to speak prior to the start of the meeting.  Although the Council is interested in hearing your concerns, speakers should not expect Council action or deliberation on subject matter brought up during the Public Comment segment.  Topics requiring further investigation will be referred to the appropriate town officials or staff and may be scheduled for a future agenda.  Thank you for your consideration of the Town Council, staff and other speakers.

  To receive information on CAMPO Southwest Area Study.  (Attachment #1)

  Continue public hearing for Special Exception Use 17-SEU-17 for 300 W. Holly Springs Road.  (Attachment #2)

a.  Approve minutes of the Board’s regular meetings Feb. 20 and March 6 and a special meeting held March 13, 2018. 
(Attachment #3a)
b.  Receive a report of monthly administrative budget amendments approved by the Town Manager.  (Attachment #3b)
c.  Approve a Memorandum of Understanding with Triangle Water Partnership.  (Attachment #3c
d.  Receive a report of funded contracts under $15,000.  (Attachment #3d)
e.  Retain architectural firm to conduct a feasibility study of property in the business park.  (Attachment #3e)
f.  Adopt Resolution 18-12 to adopt and enact Development Procedures Manual Amendment #18-DPM-02 to amend sections on the Technical Review Committee.  (Attachment 3f)
g.  Adopt an amendment to the fee schedule to modify certain planning and zoning fees. (Attachment 3g)
h.  Approve upgrades to SCADA control and monitoring systems at Holly Springs Road water booster station and adopt amendment to the FY 2017-18 budget for fiber connection.  (Attachment 3h)

  Consider entering selecting an executive search firm to assist in hiring a new town manager. (Attachment #4)

10. Other Business
11. Manager’s Report.

12. Closed Session – If one is called, the General Statute(s) allowing the Closed Session will be cited in the motion.
13. Adjournment.