Council Meeting Agenda

7 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 16, 2018 Regular Meeting
Holly Springs Town Hall Council Chambers
1.  Call to Order
2.  Pledge of Allegiance. 
3.  Invocation.
4.  Adjustment and approval of the Jan. 16, 2018 meeting agenda.

5.  PUBLIC COMMENT PERIOD:  Notes on the Comment Period --
Each speaker is asked to limit comments to 3 minutes, and the total comment period will be 15 minutes or less.  Citizens should sign up with the Town Clerk to speak prior to the start of the meeting.  Although the Council is interested in hearing your concerns, speakers should not expect Council action or deliberation on subject matter brought up during the Public Comment segment.  Topics requiring further investigation will be referred to the appropriate town officials or staff and may be scheduled for a future agenda.  Thank you for your consideration of the Town Council, staff and other speakers.

a.  Receive a report on a partnership agreement with WRAL TechWire.  (Attachment #1)

  To receive input on Resolution 18-04 ordering the closure of a portion of Raleigh Street.  (Attachment #2)
b.  To receive input on Resolution 18-05 authorizing the exchange of real property.  (Attachment #3)

Approve minutes of the Board’s meeting Jan. 2, 2018.  (Attachment #4a)
b.  Receive report of monthly administrative budget amendments approved by the Town Manager.  (Attachment #4b)
c.  Adopt Resolution 18-06 declaring certain personal property surplus to the needs of the town.  (Attachment #4c
d.  Adopt amendments to 2018 Holly Springs Farmers Market fee schedule.  (Attachment #4d)
e.  Adopt an amendment to FY 2017-18 budget in the amount of $20,000 to transfer funds in the Town Hall Commons project.  (Attachment #4e)
f.  Adopt an amendment to FY 2017-18 budget in the amount of $14,750 to transfer funds in the Avent Ferry Road / Center Street water line extension project.  (Attachment 4f)
g.  Approve purchase of three steel plates and one month of rental from National Trench Safety and adopt the related budget amendment.  (Attachment 4g)
  Approve funding for land acquisition for the Utley Creek force main replacement project.  (Attachment 4h)
i.  Adopt Resolution 18-07 approving modifications to the rezoning and Special Exception Use review timeframes in the Development Procedures Manual.  (Attachment 4i)
j.  Approve an extension to the approval of the Lochridge subdivision recreation site.  (Attachment 4j)
k.  Adopt amendments to the FY 2017-18 budget to transfer $23,000 for the Anderson Chiropractic downtown development investment agreement.  (Attachment 4k)

  Appoint members to the Board of Adjustment and Planning Board.  (Attachment #5)
  Consider entering a contract with Wetherill Engineers, Inc. for design and construction administration services for the Gable Ridge culvert repair project.  (Attachment #6
c.  Consider entering a contract with BNK in the amount of $10,950 and adopt a project budget in the Town Hall Commons project.  (Attachment #7)

9. Other Business
10. Manager’s Report.

11. Closed Session – If one is called, the General Statute(s) allowing the Closed Session will be cited in the motion.
12. Adjournment.