Bond Projects 

The 2018 Holly Springs Transportation Bond Referendum asks the question:  "Do you want road improvements to ease traffic conditions in Holly Springs, and are you willing to pay for it?" Town leaders are leaving the answer up to our residents. To help you go to the polls on Nov. 6, 2018 with all you need to make an informed decision, these pages will briefly describe the projects and their intended benefits.

Road designs have not been created, so specifics as to how wide, exact time frames, etc. would be difficult to answer accurately. If the bond passes, however, work could begin right away on most of the projects.

Most road widening projects described also will include bike lanes, sidewalks and crosswalks as needed. Below are basic descriptions of what the $40 million in bond proceeds would garner for our residents.

Bond-Funded (Green) Projects

100% Town Funding Through Bonds

Portion of $40 million Bond:  $16 million

Purpose: Town-driven, bond-funded and quick-turnaround projects requiring no additional funding sources. Funding will be used to improve pedestrian and motorist travel throughout Holly Springs with an emphasis on what will benefit residents most and what can be done within an immediate time frame.

Bond-Funded (Green) Projects List: 

  • Holly Springs Road from Flint Point Lane to Sunset Lake Road 
  • N.C. 55 Right Turn Lane (Avent Ferry southbound to Main Street) 
  • Main Street Right Turn Lane at Holly Springs Road 
  • Estes Lane Connection (Grigsby Ave. to Bass Lake Road) 
  • Avent Ferry Road Realignment to Stinson Avenue  
  • Grigsby Avenue Improvements

More Details on Bond-Funded (Green) Projects

Bond and Partner-Funded (Purple) Projects

Town Uses Bonds to Share in Cost with NCDOT and Others

Portion of $40 million Bond:  $24 million

Purpose: Larger, costlier projects. In these, the Town would use its bond funds as contributions to matching grants that would make the projects possible. These are State-maintained roadways that would likely invite NCDOT participation. In this way, the Town will get much more than $24 million worth of improvements. 

Bond and Partner-Funded (Purple) Projects List: 

  1. Sunset Lake Road – Improvements to help move traffic in the vicinity of the I-540 interchange at Kildaire Farm Road
  2. Holly Springs Road – Widening, sidewalk, bike lanes from Main Street to N.C. Hwy. 55 Bypass, completing improvements on one of the most used thoroughfares in town
  3. N.C. Hwy 55 Bypass – Increase the capacity of the turning lane onto Avent Ferry Road by extending it northward to Holly Springs Road

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