2018 Transportation Bond Referendum

Town Leaders Address Traffic Issues

Motorists travelling roads here have experienced a steady rise in traffic congestion, intersection bottlenecks and safety concerns for pedestrians and bicyclists. Transportation improvements led by the Town of Holly Springs, N.C. Department of Transportation (NCDOT) and the development community have lessened the impact, but could not completely mitigate increased congestion.

Traffic originating both inside and outside of Holly Springs continues to increase as southwestern Wake County maintains its status as a destination for people seeking a great place to live and work. A new I-540 interchange, scheduled to be completed in 2024 near Sunset Lake Road, will only increase the severity of our traffic issues.  Local residents want a solution, and Town leaders are responding.  A $40 million transportation bond referendum  will be included on the Nov. 6, 2018 general election ballot.


Much Needed Bond Projects

The $40 million bond issue would fund projects to supplement current transportation initiatives and provide seed money of local dollars to obtain state grant funds for larger-scale, higher-impact improvements to the State roads that move commuters through Holly Springs.

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Transportation Projects Map

Bond-Funded (Green) Projects

These projects, shown as green on the projects map, will begin immediately after the bond referendum with completion dates within the next few years. Using approximately $16 million in bond proceeds, the Town will target main areas around town with known transportation issues. Wider roads, sidewalks, bike lanes and other projects will benefit residents. These projects also include new road segments to complete interconnected street networks for traffic flow, like extending Estes Drive to connect Grigsby Avenue to Bass Lake Road.

More on these Bond-Funded (Green) Projects

Bond and Partner-Funded (Purple) Projects

These projects, shown as purple on the projects map, will leverage the remaining $24 million in partnerships with NCDOT and developers to complete the much-needed transportation projects identified as part of the bond. These partnerships typically take the form of grants where, for instance, the state pays 50% to 80% of project costs, and the Town funds the remainder. This was the model for recent projects like South Main Street Extension and intersection improvements at Avent Ferry Road and NC 55 Bypass.

More on these Bond and Partner-Funded (Purple) Projects.

If approved by voters, the bond will fund projects addressing current and anticipated traffic issues in our town. Bond projects would supplement current transportation projects already in progress. These are referred to as Non Bond-Funded (Orange) Projects and are shown in orange on maps.

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