Parking in driveways is encouraged; roads are for moving vehicles. Parking is allowed on some neighborhood streets. Do not park on streets where signage along the street designates a no-parking zone, your homeowners association has informed you that on-street parking is not allowed, or the street is noted as a no-parking zone in town ordinances.

If you must park on a neighborhood street, use common sense:

  • Don’t park your vehicle directly opposite of another vehicle, blocking wide vehicles – including delivery vans, ambulances, trash collection vehicles and firetrucks – from traveling along the street. 
  • Make sure your vehicle isn’t blocking a traffic sign or crosswalk. 
  • Don’t park within 15 feet of an intersection, preventing other drivers from seeing approaching vehicles. 
  • Leave room for access to mailboxes, fire hydrants and driveways. 
Click here for more parking regulations from the Town Code section on Public Safety.