With its proximity to numerous universities, colleges and trade schools in the area, Holly Springs has access to a tremendous number of people with a wide range of skills, talents and education. See why Wake County has one of the top performing school systems in the nation. 

A 15-mile radius around downtown Holly Springs stretches to downtown Raleigh in the northeast, up through Apex, Cary and Morrisville all the way to the southern section of the Research Triangle Park in the north, into Chatham and Lee counties in the west, down to Harnett County in the south and over to Garner in the east. This 15-mile radius - which would be considered a very reasonable commute—represents a population of 576,000 people and a total civilian labor force of near 300,000.,

From 2010 to 2015 Holly Springs saw a 26% increase in employment growth, putting it at the highest growth in Wake County according to NC Commerce statistics. In February 2016, the North Carolina Department of Commerce reported that Holly Springs has 16,317 residents in its workforce. Of those, 15,672 were working and only 645 are unemployed. The unemployment rate for Holly Springs is 4 percent, making it lower than the unemployment rate for Wake County at 4.2 percent. North Carolina is a right-to-work state and has one of the lowest unionization rates in the nation.

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